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The Benefits of macOS App Development

What does the customer of such software get?

According to online service statistista, macOS device owners account for 14.64% of all Internet users, second only to Microsoft Windows supporters. This is a convincing argument that developing an application for this operating system is a worthy investment that will pay for itself in no time.


Let's talk about what technological stack is better for creating such digital solutions, which version of the application is right for you, and the difficulties of working with software for macOS and ways to overcome them. Already interested? Let's begin!



The Benefits of macOS App Development:


  Financial benefit


Our experience shows that macOS users are more inclined to pay for subscriptions. Although there are fewer macOS users in the world, they are 10 times more likely to buy apps. With a Windows-only service, you lose half of your revenue. So if you already have an app for another platform, it's definitely worth developing an app for macOS as well. But if you are planning to order a new solution, we recommend starting with a macOS app rather than a Windows/Linux app.



  Effective product distribution channels


When you publish an app on the Mac App Store, you get immediate views and sales from Mac users.



  Detachment from competitors


Because many companies don't have experience developing apps for macOS and don't want to hire their own Mac developers, they are losing market share. This is because they don't have a Mac app at all or the existing digital solution has limited functionality compared to the Windows version.


Mac is becoming increasingly popular these days, especially with Apple's new Silicon M1 and M2 chips. Many customers would like to see a complete Mac solution, and we are ready to implement any idea you have!



Our team is ready to create and share our cross-platform and native application development expertise to best meet your requirements. If you have any doubts about whether it applies to your current service or a new app idea, contact us for a free expert consultation.


Our team covers almost every possible development option for macOS and cross-platform development




  Native development for macOS

Native apps can be written in Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, and C/C++. This is the BEST option if you don’t plan to create an app for multiple platforms.


Their benefits:

- Extremely small and lightweight.

- A great user interface, performance, and smooth operation.

- Easy to update, all the latest benefits of the Apple SDK are available even before the public release.

- Officially supported by Apple.

- Easy to support and update in the future, with no need to use rare exotic technologies.

- Already integrated crash reports.



- You will need to develop a separate app for other operating systems.

  Cross-platform QT/QML, JUCE apps for macOS

C/C++ developers write apps of this type in a cross-platform environment. These apps usually have a custom user interface. The software package is significantly larger compared to native apps.


Advantages of such software products:

- Cross-platform, 90-100% of the code can be reused on all desktop platforms.

- Significant savings in time and resources for multiplatform development compared to native apps.

- Many useful tools are available out of the box, which will save you a lot of time.

- High speed, just like a native app.


Their disadvantages:

- Compatibility updates and new features are not available immediately.

- Platforms have an extremely large feature set out of the box, but with more compatibility, we may see more bugs in the frameworks. This will lead to additional time spent finding workarounds or fixing them.

- There are few experts with experience with these frameworks, so it's harder to find a good expert.

- Some proprietary features must be added manually or are not available for use within existing components.



  Cross-platform ElectronJS for macOS

JavaScript developers write these types of apps in a cross-platform environment. They are actually web apps packaged as desktop solutions. The software package is much larger compared to native apps. This option is considered one of the most popular frameworks for cross-platform development.


Advantages of software developed in ElectronJS:

- Cross-platform, 90-100% of the code can be reused on all desktop platforms.

- Significant savings in time and resources for multiplatform development compared to native apps.

- Some code can be shared with Web SaaS.

- Significantly easier to find a JavaScript developer to write code and support the platform.



- The user interface is more like a web browser, not as smooth and flexible.

- Unavailable features of desktop apps should be written as NodeJS's own extension. It's hard to find such specialists.

- Compatibility updates and new features are not available immediately.



If you can't decide which app will best meet the needs of your business, please contact our experts.

Our first consultation is free!


Choosing macOS Software Developers

Only professionals should be trusted to create an app for macOS, as a team without specific experience can encounter some difficulties:


1. The procedure for redistributing macOS apps is quite complicated. You cannot simply send an app to another user. Such apps will be restricted from running by the GateKeeper part of your Mac.


2. The app must be deployed correctly. All dependencies must be properly configured and packaged (Apple does not allow you to just put a library/framework in your app).


3. Digital solutions must have the right structure and architecture. If you don't understand the whole principle of Apple macOS development from the beginning, you will not be able to create a distributable app. There are many limitations that must be handled correctly in order for you to be able to distribute the app outside of your own Mac.


4. An appropriate installer package must be created and signed. The entire package must be sent to Apple for notarization.


5. To distribute the app on the Mac App Store, you must meet the following requirements:

- an app should be sandboxed and should run accordingly to sandbox architecture;

- you can't install additional packages/utils outside your app's primary package (like drivers, utils, etc.);

- an app can't launch background service that will work after the app itself will be closed;

- additional requirements for Payments integration, Advertising, UI design restrictions;

- an app should be able to run in hardened runtime mode;

and hundreds of other requirements that are constantly changing.


6. Crash reports and offline logs need to be maintained. This is not a web app, it can crash! For proper operation, the app should collect self-containing logs to understand what happened and an automatic crash reporting system to understand how healthy your platform is.



One of the most common requests from our clients is that they didn't know all this stuff, they can't distribute the app over their own website nor Mac App Store. They need to get experts to make everything work properly. And this is not always possible in the final stages. Although some frameworks are stated to be able to run on Mac, in fact – THEY DONT. Because they can only be run locally on their own Mac. On your own Mac, there are no restrictions unless you will try to run it on another computer. In some cases, the only way to solve the issues was the re-development of 80% of the app.





We are experts who have developed dozens of apps for macOS, including drivers. We can create any app in the most efficient way using the technologies of your choice: Swift, C++, QT/QML/JUCE, or ElectronJS.





Creating an app for macOS is quite difficult. To earn your trust as much as possible, we've analyzed the best development practices on the market and gathered our own experience from more than 10 years of work. Our portfolio includes products for earlier versions of macOS/OS X and recent updates, including Apple silicon chips support.

We would like to present you some complex tasks implemented by our company:

  Productivity apps for tracking screen, keyboard, mouse, visited URLs, emails, file access, browsing history, application usage, etc.

  Virtual printer drivers.

  Virtual audio and video devices (microphone, speaker, virtual webcam).

  Remote control and screen sharing  with special features for Mac Accessibility framework.

  Student exam system that locks out web pages, activity recording, and tracking students from the camera with machine learning (ML).

  Various plugins for third-party CAD systems.

  Databases and inventory management platforms.

  Telecommunication apps (audio and video calls, messaging).

  Audio and video processing apps, such as CoreML for noise removal, audio/video stream mixing, video overlays and effects, transcoding between different formats, and recording.

  Image recognition and matching.

  Raster and vector editors.

  Photo album apps.

  Apps for creating audio recordings.

  VST/AU plugins.

These are not all the apps we have developed for the Mac, the list is very long, so it is best to contact us for more information.

Do you need help understanding what all these technical words mean?

Have only an idea for your new macOS app?

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Just believe us that for Mac app development, you should hire EXPERTs only. VEProf is the best Mac software development company available in the market, and our services will not cost you an arm and a leg. Our team saves 68% of the cost compared to the in-house US teams.

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"Great team! Great skillset, very dedicated and very open to communication! I highly recommend to work with the Team, really great results and work dedication!"

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"The project was delivered in a timely manner within the expected parameters of the contract. The VEProf team has considerable experience with MacOS and its audio subsystem, as well as integrating Chromium into apps."

 Audio Captioning software with virtual audio driver and Chromium integration

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