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Key benefits of using sports training software

New opportunities for your sport and fitness business: build an effective strategy for a guaranteed win


Sports training apps assess an athlete's fitness level, record their results, and use them to develop a strategy for improving performance.

 Immediate feedback

Data from wearable smart gadgets are transmitted to the app in real time, guaranteeing fast feedback for the coach or athlete.

 Visualizing results

All sports performance information is presented on the screen as graphs, speedometers, and other augmented reality elements. Thanks to this, the athlete can clearly assess their results and strive to improve them.


You can train with the sports software anywhere: outdoors or indoors. You can also choose between single or group workouts.

 Accuracy of the data obtained

Sports app users have access to multi-view videos of their workouts, analysis of their own performance, and accurate metrics from artificial intelligence technology.

Features of Sport and Fitness


Increase personal performance and team results with sports and fitness apps

 Real-time performance monitoring

Technology based on artificial intelligence allows you to read players' performance during training thanks to special equipment: sports simulators, simulators, smart gadgets, etc.

 Adaptation of tasks depending on the personal progress of a player

Sports software determines a player's level of training and offers more complex tasks as a player's performance grows.

 Introduction of augmented reality elements

The sports software allows you to enhance your training with augmented reality elements. Touch a virtual target, control the speedometer, fight with a digital competitor – everything is possible and more with the latest technology!

 Tracking athletes' fitness

Sports apps monitor athletes' vital signs and transmit them in real-time or at the end of a training session. Based on this data, it is possible to draw conclusions about an athlete's health status, adjust their regimen, or regulate their workload.

 Minimizing injuries

Good physical fitness allows you to minimize the possibility of sports injuries. Special equipment combined with training software allows you to train efficiently and at the highest possible intensity.

 Remote competitions

These days when all things are online remote sport games becomes more popular. Sport software allows to have a remote competitions using video connection and advanced computer vision technologies

How sports training software works

Interactive, user-friendly, engaging solutions for professionals and amateurs 

Launch the app from your device and start a workout or a competition.

Use special equipment or smart sensors for online sporting activities.

Use the cues provided by the software: adjust the movements' accuracy, speed, etc.

Analyze your sports achievements to improve your level in the future.

Use the training strategy suggested by the AI, make your digital sports equipment even more effective.

Our expertise includes platforms for - tennis, basketball, golf, workouts, gym and many others. Contact us to get more details!

How we are working?

A step-by-step guide on the way to realizing your wildest ideas

1. Getting to know your product vision. At the beginning of our cooperation, we get to know all the details of your project and help you evaluate its effectiveness in achieving specific business goals.


2. Analysis of competitors and existing solutions on the market. We find digital solutions offered by competitors, determine their advantages and disadvantages, and create a unique software concept.


3. Preparation of project requirements and cost estimation. We determine the list of upcoming tasks and, based on this, calculate the cost of the project.


4. Discovery phase and proof of concept (PoC). We analyze all the information obtained and prove the workability and effectiveness of the concept. 


5. Building an effective team. We select specialists to work on the project, taking into account their skills and expertise.


6. Development of minimum viable product (MVP). We create an MVP for the fastest possible launch on the market, getting user feedback and improving the idea to the level of a full-fledged product. 


7. Product release. We market a finished digital solution and, if necessary, integrate it with existing software. 


8. Post-release support. Quickly and qualitatively correct problems that have arisen in the process of operation, add missing features and scale the app.

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Why choose Veprof for sports and Fitness software development?

Extensive experience with projects in the same industry

We are ready to provide you with an impressive portfolio of successful cases, as well as feedback from satisfied customers who were able to improve business efficiency thanks to our software.


Deep industry expertise

Most of the projects uses modern computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. It tooks our team thousands of hours to refine everything and to get proper expertise for sport and fitness projects. We have worked on solving non-standard tasks to achieve the goals set for us by the customer. That's why we can understand all the nuances of your project.


Creation of completely unique solutions

Only you determine what features your software should have. For our part, we guarantee the full realization of your product vision.


Agile software development

We understand how important it is for a digital product to be able to adapt to a rapidly evolving business, so all of our apps are easily scalable.


Quick access to the market

We offer to create an MVP to test your idea as quickly as possible, and then we guarantee quick finalization of the product and its release in the shortest possible time.


Individual approach

We work with projects of any complexity and adapt to the needs of each client. We get into all the details: your work specifics, business scale, and the existing problems.


Development of feature-rich software

Our sports apps are compatible with equipment for any sport. Run games, practices, competitions, track and improve results; our software can do that and much more.  

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