Top 9 Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 according to Gartner

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2. Total experience

To change the business results, total experience consolidates multi-experience, client experience, and employee experience. The objective is to improve the general experience where these units cross, from innovation to representatives and clients. 

This pattern empowers associations to gain by COVID-19 disruptors.

Firmly connecting these encounters — instead of independently improving everyone out of a storehouse — separates business from rivals in a manner that is hard to recreate, making an excellent competitive advantage. This pattern empowers associations to benefit from COVID-19 disruptors, including remote working, portable, virtual, and distributed clients. 

For instance, one broadcast communications organization changed its whole client experience to improve its security and fulfillment. To start with, it conveyed an arrangement framework through a current application. At the point when clients showed up for their arrangement and came surprisingly close to the store, they got two things: 

1) A warning to direct them through the registration interaction and 

2) an alarm telling them how long it would be before they could securely enter the store and keep up the social distance. 
The organization likewise changed its support of incorporate and more advanced stands. It empowered workers to utilize their own tablets to co-peruse clients' gadgets without genuinely contacting the equipment. The outcome was a more secure, more consistent, and generally coordinated insight for clients and workers.


3. Privacy-enhancing computation

Security improving calculation highlights three innovations that ensure information while it's being utilized. 

  • The first gives a trustworthy climate wherein touchy information can be handled or examined.
  • The second performs handling and examination in a decentralized way. 
  • The third one scrambles the data and calculations before preparing or reviewing. 

This pattern empowers associations to team up on examination safely across districts and with contenders without forfeiting secrecy. This methodology is planned explicitly for the expanding need to share information while keeping up protection or security. 


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