GitHub vs. GitLab vs. Bitbucket: The choice

Now, after you’ve read about three repositories, you understand that each is convenient and offers slightly different service, and you can estimate main advantages and disadvantages. All have fans, as it depends on which functionality people search for more.

Out of these 3 repositories services, only GitLab is open source. The original code of GitLab Community Edition is open and accessible on their website, while the corporate version is private. GitHub, which is the most numerous in fans and has the biggest open source code, is not an open source. Bitbucket is not open source, but if you order a certain version, the full code is given with all the setting options.

So, you must choose which one suits you, according to your needs and tasks, your specifics and timing.

  • If you are looking for an open source place, go for GitLab.
  • If you need or love to work with Atlassian services, you will hardly find anything better than Bitbucket.
  • GitHub is the most widely used website that has a wide range of open source code presented.

Determine your priorities and enjoy using these platforms that make your professional experience better!

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