Software Product Development

VEProf.com provides top-quality IT services to customers in various segments as e-business, document management, telecommunications, banking and financial services, real estate, entertainment and gaming industries.

Our major business areas are software products development, support, market investigation, research and IT consulting.

Our services proven by multiple clients wishing to collaborate on new projects, multiple positive reviews and long term relationship with amazing companies!

We are using only Expert and Middle level professionals. Even for easy task, Middle level developer will deliver task faster and cheaper comparing to any Entry level "specialist".
Our priority is Customer satisfaction. Achieved by predicting and avoiding potential issues during development, and not by doing dozens delivery iteration to our clients.

We always make sure that our solutions meet our client's business goals. Whatever the company's size, business direction and requirements - we will offer the IT services you need.

Core team has been represented on IT market since 1998.