Apple's ARKit is making a revolution in iPhone usage

apple, iphone, ARKitMany people who have seen the demonstration of ARKit possibilities still think it will not change much in the modern technology world. However, we are here to persuade you it is a very important step of evolution.

Andrew Hart, a developer from London, showed the way augmented reality can help us in real life. He used ARKit in cooperation with Apple’s CoreLocation that resulted in a version of Maps with graphic arrows that show where to go and location pushpins in the real world. That’s why everybody is so excited! He put in the name of the place into the usual Maps’ search line and saw an interactive real street view with giant virtual indicators showing which direction to choose to reach the needed point.

We all know how to use regular virtual maps in our everyday life, and it’s not a big deal, but sometimes, the expectations and reality don’t meet. Huge indicators of a right path, combined with the picture of the real world, will be helpful to lots of people. Maps can have a huge boost in popularity.

Andrew Hart also wants to open his code on GitHub. So, while Apple promotes ARKit in different ways, showing its huge possibilities for real life utilization, Hart has made it interesting for developers, showing these possibilities in practice. Fall 2017 is a time of fresh apps that can be even more exciting and helpful.

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