Remote companies that let you work from any place

Internet of the highest quality and different apps useful for jobs can create an amazing working space and possibilities, no matter where you are, even if you are at home. However, nowadays, many companies are still conservative and demand their workers to commute long and exhausting hours to an office.

We understand the perks of sharing the reality in an office with others: it helps to unite a team, teach them to cooperate, and tackle the small problems when they appear. However, numerous examples of companies do not have offices, and they are successful.

It is not that easy for everyone to believe that having a team scattered all over the world, without at least one office, is successful. However, you must find the most talented person (not locally, but globally); without an office, you will not have those distractions and office chit–chats, long and expensive hours for commuting, and you will keep ecology in mind.

The tech giant, Microsoft, and modern and innovative, Slack, both hire and collaborate with their employees remotely if they want it. However, it might result in making less profit from remote working. With no office or headquarter, every team member is in the same situation, which creates equal possibilities for employees. It is unavailable if one team gathers in the office and works there.

Companies that practice remote work are oriented on the result from the work of their team members, not on the way they are located. They rely on the ability of their employees to perform their best, without continuing supervision.

If you want to bring your work to a new level of remote working to get more satisfied employees, who don’t waste time on transport, have more time to spend with their families, and work in a comfortable environment – look at VEProf and other companies below who are practicing the remote work style. They are working remotely with professionals in different fields, like technology, marketing, customer service, project management, and many others. You probably want to note this list for reference in your next hiring season.

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The abovementioned companies are remote teams, who do not work in real-life presence, but they’ve built companies, cultures, and a profitable environment. Many of them have offices, but they GitLab provide a choice to their employees to work from home to encourage remote work.