LG’s fresh technology, modern products, and amazing designs are created with QT

Maybe you don’t know, but at this second, subatomic particles from outer space are damaging your personal electronics and gadgets.

LG has a great variety of products, starting from LED screens to mobile phones. It is one of the most popular and well–known producers of technological advances. Qt has been a very important part of LG’s success, as soon as they introduced WebOS, originally created by Palm Inc. Palm Inc. had an experience with Qt usage to develop Palm Pilot. Palms’ groundwork led LG to use Qt further in lots of products. LG introduces Qt to their innovations.

LG’s webOS is based on Linux. It is a multitasking OS for different devices from smart TVs to smartwatches. Nowadays, LG uses a great number of web apps that are powered by QtWebEngine, which is based on Chromium. Such an iconic duo provides for great quality and amazing performance with friendly UI. Qt usage makes the operation easy and comprehensible for web–apps, which decreases the terms of development.

LG is now planning to focus on making innovative projects and introduces cutting–edge technologies based on artificial intelligence. LG will also concentrate on virtual reality and augmented reality. Qt, in this case, will be the major developing and progressing points that can help speed up the innovation processes in this company.