Apple finally makes macOS and iOS kernels open source

Amazing news! Apple made every version of macOS and iOS kernel accessible in an open–source.

It means that, nowadays, each kernel of any version of Apple’s software is easily accessible and available for everybody. Anyone can download it, check it, take closer look at it, and ask questions and discuss the way those OS are created and combined.

Apple stated their OS were built with open source in mind and that they implemented it for every OS. It involves OS and platforms we use every day all over the world, like macOS and iOS. It also concerns server software OS X Server and other peculiarities targeted for the development community, including iOS SDK, which consists of the tech behind the most modern applications.

All the platforms of Apple are grounded upon well–known open–source technology, called UNIX core. Now, all the platforms are accessible with Apples Open Source License.

Apple likes to show love to the public, but in reality, it takes too much time and effort for Apple to release something for the programming community with such an open source license. The open source release of macOS kernel source code up to version 10.13 and iOS kernel version 10.3.3 should be mild and sooth the claim that Apple can only talk about their love to open source and doesn’t act this way. Anyway, the developers all over the world should be excited, as now they will have something to fill their evenings, studying and checking the data provided by this company.

Apple’s official website was updated, having a section of open source kernel of macOS, all versions up to 10.13 and iOS up to 10.3.3. Though there is no iOS 11 open source, it is a matter of time; the company will release it open source later, and they also promise to make it downloadable. Each version of the OS is available for educational and other purposes. It lets people see each detail and understand the structure of OS, which is amazing for people interested in it, and for those who consider having a career in this field.

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