Tech companies make promise to use AI responsibly

The Information Technology Industry Council, a DC-based team that speaks on behalf of such companies like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple— has released the rules and principles on developing ethical AI systems.

The importance of these principles

AI is one of the most controversial topics of modernity, concerning the social disturbance about its growth, so the main representatives of the tech world needed to create and maintain certain rules to follow. These AI systems can and have a great effect on the way we live and function. Tech companies hope their group promise will show their seriousness and will keep people in Washington from creating their set of rules on how tech companies must operate.

Dean Garfield – ITI President commented that the industry has had instances and bitter outcomes on staying aside from changes in society caused by technology. This time, the industry wants to avoid mistakes and participate in it actively. Sometimes, scientists can go too far, striving for advancements. It would be better if advancements are achieved in accordance with rules known to society.

The principles are:

  •  - Make sure the design and deployment of AI systems is responsible, making steps to prevent use of AI that can cause harm, adhering to ethics by design.

  •  - Provide the careful use of data and check for potentially harmful tendencies in the usage of AI systems.

  •  - Make steps to eliminate such tendencies, inequity, or other possible harms in systems with 
  • automated decision-making.

  •  - Do possible actions to find a "reasonable accountability framework" to address worries about reliability issues created when decisions made by humans are replaced by automated decision-making.

Other steps: Intel demonstrated its own public policy rules for AI, also providing a budget for R&D funds for testing the technologies and making new human career opportunities as AI makes alterations in the way people work. The largest technological companies in cooperation with smaller AI-specialized organizations started the ‘Partnership on AI’, a non-profit group directed on designing the most suitable practices for the technological industry.