Great News as Windows Server 2019 now supports OpenSSH officially

SSH, logoWhen first announced in 2015 that it would build OpenSSH, the news was met with hope, as it would make clients and servers connect securely into windows. But that news finally became a reality as Microsoft brought OpenSSH in the newest Windows 10 release. Although OpenSSH had been released, Windows Server hadn't officially received the feature. Even when Windows Server 1709 had it as a pre-release option, it wasn’t an official introduction. All that is in the past now, as Microsoft broke the news that OpenSSH is now a supported feature on Windows Server 2019.

OpenSSH has been in the game for quite some time now, with MacOS, Linux, and a few others making use of it. With its addition to the Windows Server 2019, it means clients and organizations have easy access to connect across a variety of OS.

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