How IT Open Source can make your user experience better – Construct a progressive and cooperative culture

office, home, glasses, work area, desktopWhile making sure expectations can be met, UX tests and probes the application, making it more flexible, validating it, and using creative approaches. All these steps result in organizational culture of learning.

If you look at lots of companies that used to be giants 10 or 15 years ago, you can see that, nowadays, they are not so huge or they don’t exist at all. However, there will be a group of companies that keep their positions and even become stronger. The second group differs with their adaptability, desire to change and progress and to be up to date.

Companies like these try to synchronize and develop their aspects with the application design they want. Many are ready to give 20% of their time and funds to develop something new. Other companies work on a smaller scale, trying to develop lots of different ideas, instead of waiting for a boom from the one, and they come up with innovative and successful apps. The emphasis here is on the approach and willingness to learn.

Many ideas can never become something essential; those groups of people are learning continuously, and due to their experience, they recognize the right solution from the first sight. Learning and collaboration are the keys to solving the problem UX designers, developers and managers are trying to cope with.

After approving the first model of the app, they are ready to write code, as they have enough data and confidence to create a firm, company–worthy, intuitive, and operative app for both internal users and customers from the other side.

Best ways to implement UX in IT

What do cool design–oriented companies do to achieve such good results? If your actions match the following, you are on the right path:

laptop, computer, at workUX design is a vital feature in the structure of your company. Everybody in the company values and understands the importance of customer–oriented interface for overall prosperity.

Your team is highly cooperative. Working on the UX design involves designers, developers, managers, business leaders, and all of them should be oriented on the final goal and the best result. The key is true partnership and mutual respect in the team. The company must value collaboration and transparency, as the goal can be achieved not by an outstanding individual, but by a cooperative team. Ideas and initiatives should feel like home in the atmosphere of collaboration. No matter which approach you use, unity is key.

UX design should be a state of mind of every employee. Different design metrics, like user satisfaction and user adaptation rates, should be one point in the company’s incentive program. This way, every employee will include the UX design into their way of thinking and will be encouraged to do so.

Application teams should research their clients time after time. The team should continuously check the tendencies of the targeted clients and communicate with them. The UX research process cannot be made alone: it should involve the right people to participate.

When a UX problem appears, the app cannot be released. Usually, emphasis is set on performance defects prior to the app launch, while UX issues are ignored or pushed aside. If the organization treats UX design as a vital element, the importance of any problem would be high, and the app won’t see the world until the problem is solved.

The creativity of a team is always encouraged. In IT, fostering innovation is a substantial feature of the best and most successful companies who produce great apps.

Show the impact of UX to your company

It is important for leaders to communicate the influence and weight of UX design to the whole company, to explain its strategic value and how it can contribute to the common good. That’s why it is important to have UX design as part of the company’s strategy.

Corporate companies should seek ambitious and confident design leaders, who will play an indispensable part in the company’s path to innovation and enhanced company’s culture. Also, IT executives must be ready to act, develop, and collaborate. It is one way to understand who can be the real leader and who is not ready to bear the load of development and innovation.

How IT Open Source can make your user experience better

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