Microsoft to replace Edge on Windows 10 with a Chromium-powered web browser

Laptop, woman, cupSince making its debut along with Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft edge has really been a miss rather than a hit. Initial user experience was filled with complaints and negative reviews, with many users not warming up to it. Designed to be the next big browser using the innovative rendering engine, EdgeHTML and a massive upgrade on Internet Explorer, Edge never gained the trust of users and Web developers due to the number of issues that have plagued it.

Microsoft must have finally had it with Edge browser, as there is now talk that they are building a chromium-powered web browser, with similarities to Google Chrome Browser. The new browser will officially phase out Edge, and up to the point it is launched, it shall be referred to by the Codename "Anaheim." It is still to be seen if Anaheim will be a different brand to Edge and if it will share a contrasting interface to that of Edge. What we do know is that the clock is ticking for EdgeHTML on Windows 10, and soon it will be dead

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