App for Sport

An app that supports sports equipment and helps train and track results everywhere.




May-August 2021


 Mobile development

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Team size

3 people


Swift, Objective-C, iOS Metal, OpenCV

App for Sport

Client and project background

The client has invented a sports device and was looking for a team to develop an app for iPhone that is going to work in pair with this device.

The client has bootstrapped this project, developed the device itself and is really passionate about this sport, so we were glad to be involved with something that creates value and supports sports passion. 


The client has created the concept of the project due to the limitations that arose during the global COVID pandemics. The device itself works when paired with the iPhone, making all the measurements and calculations to display after the game, as if the game was real or in the field. 

The client has found VeProf through Upwork. They have already had a negative experience working with the previous vendor, who started app development, so the client was looking just for the right balance of quality, professionalism and work ethics. 

Project challenges

Since the client had a disappointing experience with the previous vendor, they knew exactly what they were looking for and clearly identified their red flags. So, our main challenges were to:

- improve the accuracy of calculations within the app

- increase app’s performance

- fix numerous bugs

- polish the project ready to release


It is worth mentioning that even though the concept is great, it made the project really difficult on many levels. It required a team who is ready to put a lot of effort and experience, especially developing the algorithm of the app for sport that should recognize and calculate certain movements of a person. The project required extremely precise performance like several milliseconds per frame processing speed. Initial algorithm wasn’t reliable to work in multiple environment conditions and it was a challenge to fix that.

So one of the biggest challenges was that computer vision never gives 100% accuracy. This type of work is quite unexpected in terms of algorithm configuration and it influences the budget as well. 

Scope of work and tech solutions

VEProf specialists were in charge of development, bug fixing and ongoing support of the project.

Within a few months we’ve managed::

 to improve object detection mechanism

 to enhance tracking of the movement

 to implement UI fixes

  to submit the app to the AppStore

  to provide continuous project support

Project Results

As a result we provided our client with working software that is ready for upscaling, introduction of additional features, since we knew that the client hopes to create a more advanced version of the app that allows practicing anywhere and with any person. 

This project is a challenge, but the process of achieving milestones was always extremely rewarding for both VeProf and the client.

Client’s feedback


Team is doing a great job! It was very fast and with amazing quality!

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