Virtual video camera

A tool that allows adding changes to online video broadcasting working on top of any video streaming or meeting platform.


Multimedia, Telecommunication


June-July 2021


Desktop development

Operating System Type


Team size

2 people


Swift, Objective-C, C/C++

Client and project background

The project was requested by a small startup company of only 3 people. Their idea was to create a tool that can provide real-time changes to video broadcasting and be used next to any video meeting or streaming platform.

Ideally, the app provides an option to add:

  transition videos

  sound effects

  background music tracks

  images and logos

  reaction boards



and other interactive features to any online video event.

The project needed unique expertise in both creating macOS desktop apps and video & audio drivers. It took the client a while to find a software team with the right skills and ability to meet the deadline. 


They chose VEProf because we had the experience needed to fulfill the task and could complete this project 3x times faster than other vendors.

Project challenges

Creating a desktop app for macOS based on a virtual video and audio driver has its difficulties and challenges.

There are only a few experts who have dealt with it in the entire software services market. 


Having more than 10 years of experience in this field, the VEProf team has become a great fit for this task. Knowing every little detail of working with this type of software, we asked the client additional questions at the inception of our collaboration, bringing up potential bottlenecks and problems that might appear during development.


There were a few main challenges in this project:

1.  Rarity and complexity of virtual drivers development

Virtual drivers are hard to build. You need a perfect blend of tech knowledge, experience, and mastery to create such a tool for any OS, let alone macOS. In addition, we didn’t have a reference to start with, since there was no similar software to what the client requested in the market.

2.  Setting up cross-technology communication

The complex system of communication between driver and app user interface had to be designed and developed properly. It also had to support operations with Bluetooth devices and be easy to use.

3.  Transparent video overlay development

The part of the project was supposed to contain an embedded video player for videos with transparency. The team has never encountered this kind of content before. It took a while to figure it out.

4.  Custom macOS installer for unpublished software

The client couldn't distribute this future software through the App Store. So, our task was to create a custom macOS installer for driver redistribution outside this platform. It must have considered special package structure, as well as particular code signing procedure, and Apple notarization.

5.  Time and budget limitations

The client had a limited budget and a clear unbreakable deadline. At the end of our collaboration, they wanted to have an MVP that was equal to a fully functioning product. The client’s ultimate goals were an initial user engagement as well as further investments attraction.

Scope of work and tech solutions

Due to budget limitations, the client entrusted us with all the backend work on drivers and basic software, including the foundation for the final application with all the necessary functionality and capabilities, but without design.

All the visual elements were customized by the client at the end of the project.


Collaborating with the client as a team that covered merely the development stage, we created quality solutions for all the challenges associated with the project.


 Within a month of work, we managed to cover:

  video driver development

  audio driver development

  framework to control audio/video playback


  additional functionality and improvements (2nd playback channel, multiple video/images rendering)

  bug fixing

  instructions on usage

  client onboarding

Project Results

At the end of the collaboration, the client received a fully working app that was market-ready. 


Our client got their first users on the second day after the product launch. 


Our goal was achieved: the client was extremely happy with the results of our cooperation and we are proud to take part in the development of this great project.


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