Remote Exams App

A tool that allows conducting examinations remotely and prevents cheating by microphone recording, enabling camera, and tracking mouse movements.


Educational, Tracking


May 2021- till now


Web development, Desktop development

Operating System Type

Windows, macOS

Team size

5 people


C++, QT, Objective-C, C#, Swift, Java, Spring boot, Google Cloud

Client and project background

The client is a startup with a goal to make studying and social distancing during the pandemics more comfortable for universities and schools.

Their idea is based on an open-source project. The solution basically blocks all the browser tabs, but the one with the exam instructions or tasks. However, the client wanted to bring this idea to the next level.


Their product allows for tracking mouse movements, recording screens, microphones, and video cameras during examinations to prevent any kind of cheating.


The client decided to start with web and desktop apps for both Windows and macOS platforms. They needed a development team to implement it in a few months and chose VEProf because of our experience and proven history of meeting deadlines.

Project challenges

Started as an open-source solution, the project still needed improvement and introduction of new features, as well as rebranding. Each of these tasks had its pitfalls.

However, one of the most challenging tasks was related to uploading the video chunks to the cloud during the exam. The ability to upload video recordings during examinations was necessary. 


To cope with it, VEProf developed a custom file stream interceptor that splits large files (several gigabytes) into small pieces. Then it uploads them directly to the cloud.

The client had a limited budget and a clear unbreakable deadline. At the end of our collaboration, they wanted to have an MVP that was equal to a fully functioning product. The client’s ultimate goals were an initial user engagement as well as further investments attraction.

Scope of work and tech solutions

The client needed tech solutions for web and desktop versions of their software for different OSes.

For this task, we allocated four middle and senior level engineers. In only 3 months VEProf team developed software solutions for:

  screen recording

  camera recording

  mouse movement recording

  audio recording

  file interception and uploading to the cloud

  active mic detection

  API endpoints to receive data from apps

  web admin panel with video/audio file management


Project Results

By the end of this phase of our collaboration, the client received the working version of their software for both web and desktop. They seem very happy with the interim results of our work. Currently, the client is planning to create a mobile version of the software with our help.

Desktop development, Mobile development



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