Audio Captioning App

A communication app for people with hearing loss that allows transcribing video meetings in real time.




March-May 2021


Desktop development

Operating System Type


Team size

2 people


Swift, Objective-C, C++, JavaScript, Chromium embedded framework (CEF), Speech to text (STT)

Client and project background

The client is a university based in the USA. They wanted to make sure that anyone has access to video materials and lectures during the pandemics and were concerned about inclusivity. So, they needed to develop a custom software that transcribes videos in real time. They were also looking for a feature that would translate the transcription in real time, seamlessly for the user. 

Client’s team was tech savvy and knew what they were looking for. Audio drivers are a difficult technology to develop that requires previous experience and knowledge in this field. In addition to our specialization with audio drivers and devices we’ve worked with Chromium as well, and it was an additional key reason to choose VeProf. 

They contacted us through Upwork and VeProf has become the first vendor to work with the client. Some of the features in this software are available only with license. 


Project challenges

The realization of the project is quite complicated. By the time the client reached us, they already had a worked-out idea, and everything needed to start working in addition to UI design.

 Thanks to a high level of organizing and client’s ability to streamline the processes, the job was clear.

At our end we did major research and started developing all the features outlined by the client. The biggest challenge was the development of the audio driver itself, which demands a lot of expertise, as well as Chromium integration.

Scope of work and tech solutions

For this project the VEProf team consisted of 2 people: Project manager and Desktop (macOS) engineer.

We’ve covered development and QA parts of the project development cycle.
In only 3 months VEProf managed to develop the following software solutions:

  audio driver development

  services to manage audio devices

  CEF app



  ongoing support

Project Results

The project is already working and has its users. The client was really satisfied with the work we’ve done and invited us to work on the updated and extended versions of this software. After receiving the first users’ feedback, we are working on Windows and version 2.0  for macOS. We were happy to hop aboard with such a great team and a meaningful cause. 

Client’s feedback


Excellent technical knowledge and communication skills with a great work ethic.

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