Audio Recorder

A tool that allows users to capture and record audio from any output on a computer with macOS.


March 2021 - till now


March 2021 - till now


Desktop development

Operating System Type


Team size

2 people


Swift, Objective-C, C++

Client and project background

Our client is a team working on a big project that needs an audio recorder and audio processing as a part of their product, so they were looking for professionals to complete this specific task. 

The client chose VeProf due to our extensive previous experience working on a tool/driver that allows us for capturing and recording audio from any output on a computer with macOS. 

Their team didn’t have a lot of experience in this field and needed specific help and we were up for the task. VeProf specialists also worked as consultants for the client to introduce standards for audio drivers. In addition, we were the first vendor the client ever worked with and they appreciated our vast experience in this field.

It is really hard to find professionals who have experience developing audio drivers and communication technologies, since the process is tricky and requires profound technical knowledge in order to develop a high-quality functioning product, especially for macOS.

Project challenges

We knew what to anticipate since audio drivers for macOS are very hard to build.
In macOS, the audio output can’t be recorded.

The solution to this problem required expertise with the intermediate virtual audio driver and a special service to manage the audio driver.
This type of task demands previous experience with virtual audio drivers. 


Additional challenges were:
 - adapting or dealing with the audio in different modes (sample rates, channels, bits per sample)
- audio mixing with resampling inside audio driver
- special installer to redistribute apps outside the app store
- support for Bluetooth that had to change the audio mode depending on usage scenario

Scope of work and tech solutions

The VEProf team for this project consisted of 2 people: The project manager and desktop (macOS) developer.

We’ve covered a great deal of work, including development, ongoing support and now we continue developing extra features.


We’ve managed to deal with:

  virtual audio drive

  background service agent

  app with user interface



  bug fixing

  ongoing support

Project Results

The project outcome was great, we’ve introduced fully functioning software, we are providing continuous support. We’ve also managed to build a long-term and trustworthy relationship with our client. The client’s team is really satisfied with our work ethic and progress, so they have asked us to continue developing new features for the project.

Client’s feedback


Excellent Team !!!!
They have delivered a challenging project with the best quality under strict deadlines.
I strongly recommend this team and will certainly rehire it for our future projects.

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