Custom Chrome Browser

A custom mobile browser that allows people to experience the web securely and gives an opportunity to earn some money.




June-August 2021


Mobile development

Operating System Type

iOS, Android

Team size

6 people


C++, Java, Objective-C

Custom Chrome Browser

Client and project background

The client had an idea for the startup and was looking for a team to bring this idea to life. The client is a custom web browser that allows its users to safely experience the web while earning some bonuses in crypto.

 The client has the profound technical knowledge and was able to clearly set the goals. VeProf was hired through Upwork and we were the first vendor the client has ever worked with. 

The main task for our team was to create browsing apps for Android and iOS and integrate it with the search engine for Pear Browser.

Project challenges

Projects that involve Chromium are usually quite hard since Chromium is a multi-tiered and complex system to work with. 

So, for this task, we needed an expert developer with strong technical background and expertise with Chromium browsers and source code. VeProf was up for the task.

Another challenge was the project size which was more than 100Gb per platform. The initial build took more than 20 hours (while other projects need a few seconds or an hour maximum) and consisted of thousands of different modules and frameworks.

Scope of work and tech solutions

For this project, our team consisted of 6 people: 2 Project managers and 4 mobile engineers.

We were responsible for the development and QA stages of the project creation. 


VEProf managed to:

  prepare the environment, build machines

  remove all the modules that didn’t make sense


  integrate the clients’ search engine and dashboard

  develop installers

  deploy the app to store

Project Results

We’ve successfully developed two mobile apps for two OS that are fully functioning and available on Play Market.

Client’s feedback


Highly technical team, efficiently handles complications which come while development. Most important is that they deliver within the deadline.

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