Students' safety app

A tool that ensures safety to students during their commute from home to school and provides all necessary information to schools and parents.




June - August 2021


Web development, Mobile development

Operating System Type

iOS, Android

Team size

6 people


Python, React, React Native

Student Safety app

Client and project background

Our client is a small startup that is actively growing. They have a few offices worldwide and a team of salespeople comprises more than 10 people. The client had no technical background, but a clear business need that required a timely and high-quality software solution.

The safety of kids at all times and especially during the global COVID-19 pandemics was of utmost importance, so the main idea was to create an app that provides schools and parents with relevant information on the location of children at any time. 

The app involves our touch-less technology (biometrics) and allows safety tracking based on real-time data at any time, so parents see if their kids are on the bus on time, can plan the time to pick them up, and drop them off to school when needed. 

Our client contacted us through a personal recommendation from one of our previous projects. VeProf’s portfolio and case-specific approach convinced the client’s team to proceed with us on board.


Project challenges

The client needed a tech vendor not just to create a product from scratch, but to help tailor the core product idea taking into account all the technical aspects of the software and market specifics/needs.

 The functionality of the resulting product should include students’ movement tracking, notifications about required actions, and history or log of all the actions. 

So parents are notified of the time they need to pick up their children from school or bus through notifications. They are able to see the full path their kid takes while on the bus, the time they left the house and took the bus, the time they entered the school, and all the stops on their way.


The challenges associated with this project were: 

- to ensure the security of the data storage, 

- to protect the data from erroneous actions of users,

- to make the software resistant to hacker attacks. 

Also, enabling the two-factor authentication was an extremely important task. 

Scope of work and tech solutions

VeProf’s team allocated for this project consisted of 6 people, including the Project Manager, 2 web developers, a mobile developer, a QA, and a designer.

Our team was dealing with all the stages of the product life cycle: idea, research, planning, development, QA, design, support. 


We ensured:

  elaboration of ideas, creating the tasks for developers;

  product design;

  backend development;

  web frontend design (student, parent, teacher, and admin interfaces);

  mobile apps for both iOS and Android (student, parent, teacher interfaces);

  deployment to production;

  QA testing;

  load testing.

Project Results

We’ve developed two smartphone apps (iOS and Android) with different interface designs. In addition to that, we’ve built a web app that is fully functioning, ready for the first customers that are using it since September 2021. The product can also be easily sold if the client wishes to. 

The client is satisfied with mobile and web applications and we are looking forward to cooperation with their team again any time in the future. Veprof is proud to add this student’s safety app to our portfolio.

Client’s feedback


Highly technical team, efficiently handles complications which come while development. Most important is that they deliver within the deadline.

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