A social networking app based on video communication for professional and personal conversations.


Telecom, Social Network


March 2021 - Till now


Mobile development 

Operating System Type

iOS, Android

Team size

4 people


Python/Django, ReactNative/TypeScript, AWS

Video Social Neworking App

Client and project background

The client is a developing startup based in the USA with a significant technological knowledge who needed help in bringing their idea to life and perfecting the pieces of work that have been done by previous vendors. 

They already had a full on working business by the time they decided to create a software solution for that. When they contacted VeProf, they had already had a design of the app and a completed idea on how it should function. 

The client has found VeProf through Upwork and had no prior experience of working through this platform. The main criteria why they have chosen us was our extensive experience with telecom projects, as well as messengers and video editing. 

The project’s core idea is a social networking mobile app based on video communication for professional and personal conversations. 

Since we cannot share more details due to an NDA, the idea of the app is that you can have a “zoom” meeting, without requesting everyone to join at the same time to discuss one question. You can record your video, introducing the topic, then another person can add his or her video to yours, creating a meeting. 

It is perfect for discussion of professional problems or planning of work. .


Project challenges

The client was looking for an experienced software team to bring their idea to life. It is one of the best types of clients who know for sure what product they need and can fully guide a software development team through their vision of the app, providing all the necessary resources.

The most challenging task was to create a unique custom video player that allows mixing content from different people (and we completed this task successfully). 

Scope of work and tech solutions

VEProf covered the development and QA stages of the project lifecycle. We are also continuing to support the project. 

We completed the following tasks within a few months: 

  full backend development;

  single sign on, login, registration;

  video recording functionality;

  messaging functionality;

  video content mix;

  push notifications enabled;

  usage analytics;


  ongoing support.

Project Results

We have created the MVP or the first functioning version of the product, but the client is currently using it as a demo to raise the next round of investment. 
As soon as the client raises the funds, we will continue our product development, enriching the app with additional features and specifications according to the client’s needs. 

We are extremely happy to work with a client who has a crystal-clear vision of the project, is keen on technical details and shares our perfectionist approach to the outcome. 

Client’s feedback

Outstanding! The quality and competence of freelancers can be highly variable, however, this contract was a breeze - highly competent, professional, and timely delivery.

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