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The Benefits of QT App Development

What are the benefits of the custom QT software development?

  Speed of the development and lower cost


Using the QT framework will dramatically increase the development speed of cross-platform apps. You only need to develop it once. QA and testing will be simplified because 99% of the bugs are identical for all platforms.

The framework includes a range of pre-built user interface components, graphics libraries, and support for multiple programming languages.

This not only allows for significant cost savings but also results in a much faster time to market for new software creation.



  User experience


One of the key benefits of using QT for application development is the ability to create a modern and intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) with rich graphics and smooth animations.

When users interact with software that has a smooth and intuitive UI, they are more likely to have a positive experience, which can lead to increased user loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.


  Usage of already created QT based open source projects.


Some of the most popular libraries and open-source apps are based on the QT framework. Instead of spending years creating similar functionality from scratch, it's much easier to use an existing free solution that can be modified to meet custom requirements.

For instance, the popular VOIP/SIP telecom library, Linphone, requires extensive knowledge of QT/C++/QML for desktop apps.

QT is a mature software development framework that has been used to build many large and complex applications.

  Detachment from competitors


Many companies are losing market share because they lack experience in developing apps for macOS and are hesitant to hire their own Mac developers. As a result, they either don't have a Mac app at all, or their existing digital solution has limited functionality compared to the Windows version.

The popularity of Mac is increasing, particularly with Apple's new Silicon M1 and M2 chips. Many customers want a complete Mac solution, and we are ready to implement any idea you have!



  QT is extremely powerful for embedded platforms


Qt is a powerful and flexible framework that is well-suited for embedded programming. Its small footprint, modular architecture, graphics and multimedia support, ease of use, and integrated development environment make it an excellent choice for developing embedded applications.


Our team is ready to create and share our cross-platform and native application development expertise to best meet your requirements. If you have any doubts about whether it applies to your current service or a new app idea, contact us for a free expert consultation.

 CHALLENGES of using qt 

Our team covers almost every possible QT development option for multiple platforms - desktop, mobile, embedded

Although QT is an amazing framework, teams without specific experience can encounter some difficulties:

1. Bugs of the QT framework, especially for macOS and Mobile platforms.

On the Windows, Linux and Embedded platforms QT framework works quite well, meanwhile on the macOS and mobile happens issues and regressions. App may work quite well on macOS with QT 5.12.1, and may encounter significant bugs after switching to subsequent versions like 5.12.2.

As a solution, developers should be ready to actively participate in QT forums and open source community, and to be able to understand how to apply fix and recompile QT framework from the source code.

2. Delays for the recent OS version support.

On mobile and macOS new OS versions are released on a yearly basis. It quite often happens that your QT version doesn't support recently released OS yet, even if you are using the latest QT6.

In most cases, these issues can be solved by using the previous version of the libraries, XCode and other tools.

3. QT framework doesn't support old versions of macOS and Linux.

Sometimes it may happen that you will need to support old macOS, or Linux platform. Unfortunately, QT is a bad choice for such a case.

Our team had to reconfigure and recompile QT with old dependencies to support 6 years old Linux, and this is quite challenging task.

4. Not stable for mobile.

In many cases, you will find multiple bugs and inconvenient situations if you use it for mobile development. It is still can be used but will take additional time to find and apply a workaround.

Also, it will have a significant app package size compared with the native implementation.

However, it is still a good choice to have a unified codebase with the desktop apps.

 Qt success stories

Here are a few examples of successful projects that have been developed using Qt:


Mercedes-Benz MBUX hyperscreen: Qt was used to develop the virtual cockpit for Mercedes-Benz flagship SUVs. The virtual cockpit is a fully digital dashboard that replaces traditional analog gauges with a high-resolution display. The system provides drivers with real-time information, including speed, navigation, and entertainment options.


Autodesk Maya: Qt is the framework behind Autodesk Maya's user interface. Autodesk Maya is a 3D computer graphics software used for creating interactive 3D graphics, including video games, animated films, and various visual effects.

Ocular Surgery Simulator: Qt was used to develop a virtual reality-based ocular surgery simulator for medical training. The simulator provides a realistic environment for trainee surgeons to practice surgical procedures without the risk of patient harm.


In-flight entertainment systems: Many in-flight entertainment systems, including those used by major airlines like Emirates and Lufthansa, are powered by Qt. Qt/QML provides a reliable and robust platform for delivering high-quality media content to passengers during flights.


These are just a few examples of successful projects that have been developed using Qt. Qt's flexibility and ease-of-use make it a popular choice for developers working on a wide range of applications, from automotive displays to medical simulations to entertainment systems.



50+ projects developed by our experts on base of QT for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.





Creating a production ready app is not the same as small MVP. Apps should stably run on thousands users devices. We've analysed the best development practices on the market and gathered our own experience from more than 10 years of work.

Some of them are:

  Telecom apps using QT + Linphone frameworks for audio and video calls, conferencing, messaging.

  Tool for Windows computer modding, applying custom icon packs & wallpapers.

  Remote control, screen recording and screen sharing.

  Productivity apps for tracking screen, keyboard, mouse, visited URLs, emails, file access, browsing history, application usage, etc.

  Virtual audio and video devices (microphone, speaker, virtual webcam).

  Databases and inventory management platforms.

  Vector and Raster editors.

  Photo album.

  Mental health apps with rich UI animations.

  Crypto wallet.

  CNC machine packaging tool.

  Satellite geodata processing and correction, GIS.

  Image recognition and matching.

These are not all the apps we have developed using QT, the list is very long, so it is best to contact us for more information.

Client’s feedback

 "Initially I have this idea for a software but as I was working with VEProf, they gave me technical advice on what is possible and what is not recommended. I saw my initial idea mature to something different and better and I am thankful for that journey. I totally recommend VEProf!"

 Custom icons packs, folder icons and wallpapers software


"Great team! Great skillset, very dedicated and very open to communication! I highly recommend to work with the Team, really great results and work dedication!"

 Implement a Mac client for QML Windows client

"Highly technical team, efficiently handles complications which comes while development. Most important is they deliver within the deadline."

 MAC and Linux desktop application development.

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