How zero-code can deliver more responsive apps (Part 2)

Make the user contact developer directly

CommunityIf you come to terms with the fact that users can never clearly communicate the software they need, you eliminate the gap between the development and the user. The delegating here no longer assists; let users speak directly to developers and participate in the faster software creation. They will test and try it together, making it faster.

The most efficient way to get this result is to give the end user the components needed to create their custom app that match their company goals. The difficulty and price result from the way the user combines these components, and the code is not a problem. It is important not only to join the user with developer, but to show the user quick implementation possibility.

To achieve it, make the development team cooperate with users directly, so the implementer speaks with the source of idea. Zero-code based development gives an opportunity to a developer to do many faster and to try the product with the user several times per week, instead of once in 2-5 weeks.

Zero code development has resulted in stability, increased earnings, and adaptability to designing decisions. It ensures creating software in short terms for companies of different sizes and needs.

Zero code can create any app for any company

Lots of people are sure zero code development cannot cope with complicated app software development for larger companies with complicated needs. However, the business activities do not differ that much. They may seem different, but they have the same basis. You can divide the deeper structure of data and business activities, so they can be set and changed automatically, with no coding needed.

User can create the workflows that identify the data and activities they want. It can be anything, starting from API interacting with different systems or a user completing a task. It is important to underline that the user explains and identifies the data and business needs that control it. You can automatically create numerous things, like databases, business processes needed to be fulfilled, and the workflow created by the end user. And, if you need to change anything according to the user trial, you can do it fast.

Have you ever thought about implementing zero code into your company? How do you feel about it? Share your opinion with us!

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