ARKit and Core ML: A Closer Look at The Fresh Apple Frameworks: The restrictions of ARKit

project tango logo blackARKit is the first try of Apple in the world of AR and VR technologies. Though the technology is promising, Apple plans to take time to bring it to a better condition. ARKit is new and impressive; however, it lacks some advancements available even in Project Tango. Project Tango has a wider angle of scenes due to multiple cameras and full-room scanning technology that creates 3D room models without need for any additional devices (like in iOS). Also, Facebook and Google’s AR\VR technologies have built-in internet search, the lack of which can be classified as a shortcoming of ARKit. However, one of the most important features of ARKit is that it is open for other developers that can use ARKit for their projects as USP. It will not add additional load on CPU and provides amazing scalability. The number of Apple Store apps is big – more than 2 million, and if at least some have an ability to activate AR, it will not only help ARKit to establish itself in the AR/VR world, but also to improve the user experience of these apps.

In 2013, Apple invested $345 million to get PrimeSense – a company that specializes in 3D sensors and works with Microsoft Kinect sensor technology. A few years after PrimeSense acquisition, Apple took another step and bought Linx company that produces smart motion cameras for $20 million, and Metaio – a small company with expertise in augmented reality solutions. Though ARKit seems late on the AR/VR market, the company had been preparing for it long ago. The introduction of ARKit is an essential event for all users of Apple devices, as it will probably change the overall experience for users.

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