Operating Systems (OS)

Everything you need to know about the new Apple File System
Which Linux File System to Choose?
Choosing file system – About Journaling
The main Linux File Systems and Their Differences


UI and UX

How IT Open Source can make your user experience better
How IT Open Source can make your user experience better – Construct a progressive and cooperative culture


Cross–platform programing

LG’s fresh technologies, modern products, and amazing designs are created with Qt
Advantages and disadvantages of using Qt for mobile applications
Code repurpose: New System Allows for Transporting piece of code to other programs
Hints on Profitable App Development using React Native



SceneKit in iOS Revealed
ARKit and Core ML: The restrictions of Core ML
ARKit and Core ML: Core ML
ARKit and Core ML: A Closer Look at The Fresh Apple Frameworks: ARKit
ARKit and Core ML: A Closer Look at The Fresh Apple Frameworks: The restrictions of ARKit
WebRTC has now all the planned and primary features
Apple's ARKit is making a revolution in iPhone usage
IOS 11
Elon Musk Has New Mars-related Ambitions, as Big as His New Rocket
Microbots can finish the Era of 3-D Printers
Amazon Beta-Tests an Offline Checkout-Free Store
Facebook Develops AR Technology and Brings Your Camera to a New Level
XMPP Overview
XML (Extensible Markup Language
Apple’s Face ID technology Security Possibilities



Google’s ARCore: giving AR tools to Android developers
Apple Finally Makes MacOS and iOS Kernels Open Source
5 steps to make open source apps safe
Steps to make open source apps safe – Understand the risk of open source
The most important characteristics of a programmer



AI offers recipes and ingredients’ list according to food pics
Einstein was Right: The Nobel Prize in Physics is given for the Discovery of Gravitational Waves
The First Extremely Secure Quantum Video Call Was Made
Check the Results of AI IQ tests: Google AI vs Siri vs Bing
Physicists have proofs we’re not living in Matrix
Particles from outer space are wreaking low-grade havoc on personal electronics
Elon Musk Confronts Apologists of AI


Team management

Developers and happiness: How to increase your developer group’s mojo
WordPress shut down its amazing San Francisco office, as nobody works there
For programmers, the most amazing office bonus is being at home
Remote vs. office–based software teams: Which is better?
Absolutely Remote Companies That Let You Work From Any Place
What are the main duties and responsibilities of a product manager?


Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)
The Technology to Run the Internet of Things
IoT – Possible Technical Problems and How to Overcome them
Internet of Things that Can Work with IoT
IoT – Safety and Confidentiality Issues
Financial Influence of the IoT
Summary on the IoT