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 Creating an admin panel in Python

The client avoided maintaining their licenses manually, and users got a better experience with the platform.


What the client needed: additional expertise in Python development

What we developed: an administrative panel that helps users manage their licenses.


 Implementing a desktop app from scratch

New features attracted new users, resulting in increased sales of the main product.


What the client needed: help create a product that would be an extension of an existing SaaS platform. 

What we developed: A PC app that extends the functionality of the web platform with functionality that can't be created on the Web only


 Automating productivity tracking

Increased internal productivity of employees by streamlining work processes and increasing control.


What the client needed: implementation of company-wide automation to monitor productivity. 

What we developed: a productivity tracker that integrates with the corporate CRM system.


VEProf helps small and medium-sized businesses implement digital projects from scratch, regardless of scale or level of complexity:

 State-of-the-art mobile products based on native and hybrid technologies focused on the user

 Powerful native and cross-platform desktop solutions for any business purpose

 Websites and web apps with an intuitive interface and a better user experience

Our specialists can work either independently or as part of your in-house team. We adhere to your business requirements and flexibly adapt to current needs, accompanying your project every step of the way, from idea to release.

 How we helped companies to grow

recent examples

Target audience growth, paid subscription growth by 21%.

Employee Productivity Tracker

Productivity tracking

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Successful startup, platform to engage users and increase their loyalty.

App for Sport


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MVP that started bringing value to their customers and covering their needs.



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Tool that can provide real-time changes to video broadcasting and be used next to any video meeting or streaming platform.

Virtual Video Camera

Multimedia, Telecommunication

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macOS app for speech to text automatic captioning

Audio captioning app


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Custom browser for crypto platform



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